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Savings from school closures overstated

Posted on Saturday July 29, 2006

The Government has admitted in answers to Estimates Commitee questions that estimates of savings from closing 39 schools are overstated. >> Read on...

Obesity, pollution: the cost of school closures

Posted on Tuesday July 25, 2006

The closure of Giralang Primary school next year would end its popular walk-to-school program. >> Read on...

ACT Greens Fight Against School Closures

Posted on Tuesday July 25, 2006

Greens MLA, Deb Foskey, is introducing a Bill to the Legislative Assembly that, if passed, would put a stop to any school closures until 2008 and ensure that any school closure thereafter would have to be confirmed by a vote in the Assembly >> Read on...

Kambah Community Fun Day Sunday 30 July

Posted on Tuesday July 25, 2006

The Community Fun Day provide an opportunity for families and other community members affected by school closures in the Kambah area to talk to others facing a similar situation.< >> Read on...

Increased Student Bus Travel Costs Will Cut Savings from School Closures

Posted on Monday July 24, 2006

The ACT Government has failed to acknowledge that increased student bus travel following school closures will increase the costs to government and reduce the savings from closing schools >> Read on...

SOS Canberra leaflet

Posted on Tuesday July 18, 2006

Please download, print and distribute the updated SOS Canberra leaflet >> Read on...

Save Our Schools Song

Posted on Tuesday July 18, 2006

Download and share the very funky Save our Schools song >> Read on...

Media Release - More Govt. Dishonesty on Small Schools

Posted on Tuesday July 18, 2006

Research findings on school size cited by the Minister for Education contradict the Government’s case to close small schools, and demonstrate that it should withdraw its school closure plan. >> Read on...

Treasury Dishonesty on School Costs Exposed

Posted on Monday July 17, 2006

Save Our Schools Canberra has accused the ACT Treasury and the Stanhope Government of blatant dishonesty in its Budget statement on school costs >> Read on...

Send us your news

Posted on Wednesday July 12, 2006

Send us your news about your local campaign to save your school and SOS will post it for others to read in the special section on “School Information”. >> Read on...

Request statement of reasons for your school being closed

Posted on Wednesday July 12, 2006

Parents affected by school closures may be entitled to request a statement of reasons from the Minister for Education under the Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Act 1989 (“ADJR Act”). >> Read on...

Kambah Cluster Meeting 25 July

Posted on Tuesday July 11, 2006

A Kambah Cluster Meeting will be held at 6.30pm on Tuesday, 25 July< >> Read on...

Protest Against Budget Cuts at ALP Branch Conference,

Posted on Tuesday July 11, 2006

Protest outside the ALP Branch Conference at Rydge’s Lakeside Hotel at 8am, Saturday 29 July >> Read on...

Dissembling in the Assembly

Posted on Sunday July 9, 2006

The Estimates Committee hearings in the Legislative Assembly on the ACT Budget have shown that the Stanhope Government has failed to consider key data on the impact of its school closure program. >> Read on...

Media Release 2 July 2006 - School Closure Figures in Tatters

Posted on Sunday July 2, 2006

Two weeks of school closure consultations and the Budget Estimates hearings have shown that the Government’s figures on school closures are in tatters. >> Read on...

Stanhope’s school closures figures are already in tatters

Posted on Thursday June 29, 2006

Towards the end of the “consultation” meetings, the Stanhope Government has already been forced to admit that its figures on the school closure proposals are fundamentally flawed. >> Read on...

Public Education Under Attack

Posted on Thursday June 29, 2006

The 6 June Budget, crafted by Chief Minister and Treasurer Jon Stanhope, targeted cuts of at least 120 teaching positions in secondary schools, 15 teaching positions in primary schools and 10 itinerant staff across the system >> Read on...

Who is counting the numbers?

Posted on Monday June 26, 2006

Some very good questions and concerns were raised at the community forum at Copland College recently. Unfortunately, those attending heard little more than the rhetoric that has abounded in all of the government documentation on 2020 so far. >> Read on...

Rally Against Stanhope Attack on Schools

Posted on Monday June 26, 2006

22 Pre-schools and 17 Schools to close, as well as 160 teachers to go—Protest Against the Stanhope Cuts. Government schools are under assault.

Legislative Assembly
Monday, 26 June
11.00AM – 12 noon

Broken Promises, or Not?

Posted on Saturday June 24, 2006

Statements by Minister Barr that the Government did not promise that it would not close schools during its term of office are at odds with the public record.< >> Read on...

Minister Says He Will Provide Savings Estimates

Posted on Friday June 23, 2006

The Minister for Education told the Weston Creek regional consultation meeting held at Stromlo HS on 21 June that he will provide the Government’s estimates of savings from school closures for each school in the ACT proposed for closure. >> Read on...

Govt. Figures Challenged by Public Finance Expert

Posted on Friday June 23, 2006

The ACT Government’s savings estimates from school closures have been challenged by a leading expert in public finance. >> Read on...

Stanhope betrays government schools

Posted on Monday June 19, 2006

The Stanhope Government has broken two specific election commitments in the ACT Budget. Despite promises of no school closures, it proposes to close nearly 25% of preschools and schools. Despite an election commitment of $12 million to increase numbers of teachers in high schools, the Budget means the loss of around 160 teachers.

The school closures and teacher cuts make a nonsense of three recent policy directions of the Stanhope Government. >> Read on...

Public Education Under Threat From Budget Cuts

Posted on Sunday June 11, 2006

SOS rejects the Government’s cuts to public education as constituting a major threat to the future of public education in the ACT. Massive school closures and massive cuts to secondary teacher numbers will undermine the quality of government schooling. Rather than renew public education as the Government asserts, the cuts will drive more people into the private sector. They will also undermine social inclusion and equity in school education. >> Read on...



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