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NSW Government Agrees to Reform School Closure Procedures

Posted on Thursday March 24, 2016

The NSW Minister for Education has accepted the recommendations of a Parliamentary committee report to implement a genuine and transparent consultation approach on proposed school closures. >> Read on...

Closed for Learning: The Impact of School Closures on Students and Communities

Posted on Monday January 11, 2016

Closing public schools not only has a negative impact on student performance but also creates hardship for communities already struggling with disinvestment. Closing schools in the US is a vehicle for the privatization of education. >> Read on...

Case Studies in Consultation Failure on School Closures by the NSW Department of Education

Posted on Tuesday October 27, 2015

The report by the NSW Legislative Council Select Committee on the closure of public schools in NSW presented three detailed and damning case studies about the failure of the Department of Education to consult genuinely with school communities >> Read on...

NSW Department of Education Conducted a War Against Small Rural Schools

Posted on Monday October 26, 2015

The NSW Legislative Council report on the closure of public schools shows that the Department of Education conducted a war against small rural schools. Some 36 public schools have been closed under the Baird Government. >> Read on...

NSW Parliament Committee Slams Education Department on School Closures

Posted on Monday October 26, 2015

NSW Parliament report slams the high handed approach by the Department of Education to consultation about closing small schools. >> Read on...

Submission to NSW Legislative Council Inquiry into the Closure of Public Schools in New South Wales

Posted on Monday September 14, 2015

SOS submission to the NSW Parliament inquiry on school closures recommends that governments considering closing public schools should carefully analyse the educational, financial and social impact on students, their families and the general school community. It says that proposed school closures should be examined by an independent public inquiry process. >> Read on...

Closing Small Schools May be Ineffective and Inefficient

Posted on Monday November 24, 2014

An OECD review of studies of school size shows that small schools may provide better school outcomes for students, especially at the primary school level and for lower socio-economic status students, and that closing small schools is not as cost-effective as often assumed. >> Read on...

ACT Legislation Is A Model for Consultation on School Closures

Posted on Thursday June 30, 2011

The Tasmanian Greens Minister for Education should use the ACT legislation as a model for consulting on school closures. The legislation ensures an independent and open consultation on the full impact of school closures. >> Read on...

Save Our Schools Tasmania

Posted on Thursday June 30, 2011

Join the campaign against school closures in Tasmania. A rally will be held in Hobart on 7 July at 11am at Parliament House. >> Read on...

The Tasmanian Government’s Case to Close Schools is Threadbare

Posted on Tuesday June 28, 2011

The Tasmanian Government has failed to provide any evidence to support its claims that closing schools will lead to substantial savings and improve education. >> Read on...

Impact Statements on Tas. School Closures are a Farce

Posted on Friday June 24, 2011

The impact statements on school closures issued to school associations by the Tasmanian Minister for Education, Nick McKim, are farcical. They present a one-sided view of the impact of closing schools. They fail to assess the benefits of keeping schools open. < >> Read on...

ACT Government Policy Backflip on School Planning

Posted on Friday May 13, 2011

The funding of school expansions in the ACT Budget reveals that the Government has returned to a policy of meeting local demand for neighbourhood schools and is now prepared to expand schools in regions with excess capacity—previously it only wanted to close schools in such cases.< >> Read on...

Study Says that School Closures are Unlikely to Deliver Financial Savings and Education Improvement

Posted on Thursday May 5, 2011

A new study concludes that research evidence offers remarkable little support for the propositions that closing schools leads to financial savings or school improvement. Most often it harms school communities and the most vulnerable students and families. >> Read on...

Official Vandalism of Heritage School

Posted on Saturday April 30, 2011

Demolition crews have been caught ‘red-handed’ smashing and pulling down internal walls at the Flynn Primary School over the school holidays without a public development application and while heritage matters concerning the site are before the ACT Supreme Court >> Read on...

Stronger Requirements for Consideration of School Closure Proposals

Posted on Saturday June 26, 2010

Amendments to the ACT Education Act passed in the ACT Legislative Assembly should ensure a better consultation process around school closure proposals and ensure a much fuller analysis of the impact of proposed school closures. >> Read on...

Media Release 13 October 2009 - Flynn considers further action on school closures

Posted on Wednesday October 14, 2009

Following the scathing findings of the School Closure Inquiry, the Flynn Primary School Parents and Citizens Association is calling on the Greens to stand up for communities in the upcoming sittings of the Assembly, by supporting the re-opening of Flynn, Hall, Tharwa and Cook schools. >> Read on...

School Closure Report Fails to Deliver

Posted on Saturday September 19, 2009

The Education Committee of the ACT Legislative Assembly has delivered a weak-kneed report on school closures. It has failed to deliver a better process for considering school closure proposals in the future. It has dashed the hopes and expectations of many for a better approach. >> Read on...

Inquiry cop-out leaves cloud over Flynn

Posted on Friday September 18, 2009

The Flynn community welcomed today’s Education Standing Committee recommendation to re-open Hall and Tharwa primary schools but said the recommendation in regard to Flynn has put a cloud over Flynn’s future. >> Read on...

Media release 17 September 2009 - Hall community welcomes inquiry report

Posted on Friday September 18, 2009

Hall and district residents are delighted with the findings of the report on school closures by the Standing Committee on Education, Training and Youth Affairs tabled in the ACT Legislative Assembly this morning. >> Read on...

Looking Back at School Closure Issues in the ACT

Posted on Tuesday September 8, 2009

Convenor of Save Our Schools, Trevor Cobbold, delivered a paper on school mergers and closures to a forum in Adelaide on 3 September 2009 sponsored by the South Australian Branch of the Australian Education Union. >> Read on...

School Closures Questioned in South Australia

Posted on Tuesday September 8, 2009

Schools and preschools in South Australia are currently facing the greatest potential threat of closure and amalgamation ever seen in that State’s history. >> Read on...

School Closure Savings Figures are Outdated, Misleading and Not Believable

Posted on Wednesday August 12, 2009

The estimates of government savings from school closures during 2006-2008 presented to the Estimates Committee of the ACT Legislative Assembly recently are outdated, misleading and not believable. < >> Read on...

School Closures Under Challenge

Posted on Friday July 10, 2009

School closures continue to be a hot issue around Australia as communities question government programs to close schools and set up super schools. >> Read on...

School closures provide lessons in ‘how not to consult’

Posted on Saturday June 6, 2009

It was bittersweet news for suburban communities when the Chief Minister announced a consultation on how to consult, almost three years exactly after the Government began its infamous consultation on plans to close 23 government schools.< >> Read on...

SOS Presentation to the ACT Legislative Assembly Inquiry on School Closures

Posted on Thursday May 7, 2009

Statement by SOS Convenor, Trevor Cobbold, on 29 April to the Education Committee of the Legislative Assembly public hearing on the Towards 2020 school closure process. >> Read on...

Glasgow Save Our Schools Parents Stage Easter Sit-in Protest Over School Closures

Posted on Friday April 10, 2009

Parents at two Glasgow primary schools have staged a sit-in over Easter in protest about the schools being closed. >> Read on...

Most Children Attend Their Neighbourhood School

Posted on Wednesday November 15, 2006

The ACT Government’s own enrolment data refutes Government claims that the neighbourhood school is obsolete and that most students do not attend their local school. >> Read on...

FOI documents Show that School Closures will hit least-well-off Communities

Posted on Monday October 23, 2006

The Stanhope Government is ignoring the impact of school closures on the least well-off families in Canberra, despite being advised of this by its own Department of Education. >> Read on...

Editorial - Why No Cost-Benefit Study of Towards 2020?

Posted on Wednesday October 18, 2006

The ACT Government’s failure to do a cost-benefit study of the Towards 2020 Plan leads to the conclusion that that it had already made up its mind to close schools and did not want evidence to the contrary. >> Read on...

Conversion to Early Childhood Schools

Posted on Wednesday October 4, 2006

Towards 2020 proposes the conversion of five schools to early childhood schools that include pre-school to Years 3 or 4. This article examines the options for these schools and reflects on the past experience of “amalgamated” schools. >> Read on...



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