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Media Release: Gonski Review Should Disregard Private School Hysterics

Posted on Wednesday October 12, 2011

The SOS submission to the School Funding Review says that the commissioned research papers provide the foundation for a new funding model to improve equity in education outcomes. However, there are omissions and flaws which should be corrected. The Review Committee should disregard the hysterical response of private school organisations. >> Read on...

Research Studies Show that Small Schools Work

Posted on Monday July 4, 2011

A review of research studies on school size shows that small schools work. The review brings into question the Tasmanian Government’s claim that closing small schools will improve education outcomes. >> Read on...

Media Release: Education Minister in Breach of Education Act on School Closures

Posted on Tuesday June 21, 2011

The Tasmanian Greens Minister for Education, Nick McKim, has breached the Education Act by failing to publish impact statements on 20 schools in Tasmania earmarked for closure at the end of the year. The consultation on the closures is a sham and a farce. >> Read on...

Media Release: Teacher Bonuses are Another Failed Scheme from New York

Posted on Tuesday May 3, 2011

The Prime Minister’s new teacher bonus scheme is yet another failed scheme of her ‘hero’, former New York City Schools Chancellor, Joel Klein. Research evidence shows that it is doomed to fail like Klein’s scheme. >> Read on...

Media Release: Call for New Funding Model for Govt & Private Schools

Posted on Thursday April 21, 2011

Save Our Schools has called for a new funding model for government and private schools. >> Read on...

Media Release: Call for Public Inquiry into Deteriorating Education Results in the ACT

Posted on Thursday December 9, 2010

The latest international test results for the ACT are a condemnation of the education record of the Stanhope Government. The new PISA report shows that education quality is declining and inequity is increasing in the ACT. >> Read on...

Media Release: PISA Results Demand a Massive Increase in Funding for Government Schools

Posted on Thursday December 9, 2010

Save Our Schools today called for a massive boost in funding for government schools in the light of the new PISA results released yesterday. SOS National Convenor, Trevor Cobbold, said that the new results are a national disgrace. >> Read on...

Media Release: Call to Scrap Like School Comparisons on My School

Posted on Tuesday November 23, 2010

Save Our Schools calls for like school comparisons on My School to be scrapped because of gaps in the data used to construct like school groups. As a result, so-called like school comparisons will be biased against low SES government and private schools.< >> Read on...

Media Release - 2 November 2010: Report Calls for Funding Boost to Government Schools to Reduce Education Disadvantage

Posted on Tuesday November 2, 2010

A new report published today by the advocacy group Save Our Schools says that government schools are badly under-resourced in comparison to private schools to deal with education disadvantage. >> Read on...

Media Release: Teacher Bonuses Fail to Improve Student Results

Posted on Tuesday August 17, 2010

The weight of research evidence is that teacher performance bonuses do not improve student results. Yet again, faith has ruled over evidence in the formulation of education policy. >> Read on...

Media Release: School Rewards Will Encourage Poaching and Cheating

Posted on Tuesday August 10, 2010

Rewards for schools which most improve their results will encourage them to cheat and rort their results, poach high achieving students from each other and discriminate against other students. >> Read on...

Media Release, 17 May 2010: Rorting of School Results Will Continue on a Grander Scale Unless Gillard Acts

Posted on Monday May 17, 2010

Save Our Schools has warned that the administrative guidelines for NAPLAN provide loopholes for schools to rort their results by excluding lower achieving students. SOS National Convenor, Trevor Cobbold, called on the Federal Education Minister to shut the gate she has left open to fraud in reporting school results. >> Read on...

Media Release, 10 May 2010: Call to Review Security of NAPLAN Tests to Stop Cheating

Posted on Monday May 10, 2010

The security arrangements for the national literacy and numeracy tests are inadequate to stop schools cheating on their results. The stakes around the tests have increased but security for the tests has not been upgraded. Save Our Schools has called for a review of security for NAPLAN to stop schools cheating. >> Read on...

Media Release 2 May: School Funding Review Compromised by Overwhelming Conflict of Interest

Posted on Monday May 3, 2010

The school funding review announced by Julia Gillard is compromised by a major conflict of interest. The review is headed up by the chairman of the wealthy Sydney Grammar School which receives over $3.5 million in Commonwealth funding and has over double the resources of government schools. >> Read on...

Media Release, 5 April - Mr. Barr Fiddles the Figures – Yet Again!

Posted on Tuesday April 6, 2010

The ACT Education Minister has fiddled the figures yet again in claiming that school closures have delivered an increase in government school enrolments in Canberra. The facts show that government school enrolments have declined across the board since 2006. >> Read on...

Media Release 31 March 2010 - Call for Public Consultation by ACARA on My School Problems

Posted on Thursday April 1, 2010

Save Our Schools, has written to the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) calling on it to invite public submissions on the adverse consequences of My School. >> Read on...

Media Release 10 February 2010 - Call for Inquiry into Bias Against Government Schools on My School

Posted on Thursday February 11, 2010

A study published today by Save Our Schools, a public education advocacy group, calls for a full independent public inquiry into ‘like school’ comparisons on the My School website. >> Read on...

Media Release 29 January 2010 - My School Comparisons Expose Hypocrisy of PM and Gillard

Posted on Friday January 29, 2010

The Save Our Schools public education advocacy group today accused the Prime Minister and the Federal Education Minister of hypocrisy and duplicity about reporting school results. >> Read on...

Media Release January 19, 2010 - Boycott is the Only Answer to Gillard’s Intransigence on League Tables

Posted on Wednesday January 20, 2010

Save Our Schools today called on parents to support the planned teachers’ boycott of the national literacy and numeracy tests this year. >> Read on...

School closure whitewash fails community yet again

Posted on Thursday December 24, 2009

The ACT Government’s response to the recommendations from the Assembly Inquiry into school closures is grossly inadequate and as misleading and dishonest as the initial school closure process. >> Read on...

Joint Media Statement - Tharwa, Flynn and Cook Parents and Citizens.

Posted on Wednesday September 30, 2009

Tharwa, Flynn and Cook parents and citizen associations (P&Cs) today called on the Labor, Liberal and Green Members of the Legislative Assembly to support a motion to re-open Primary Schools in Tharwa, Hall, Flynn and Cook. Hall P&C also welcome moves to re-open schools. >> Read on...

Media Release 20 September 2009 - ACT Education Minister Should Resign

Posted on Tuesday September 22, 2009

Save Our Schools today called on the ACT Minister for Education, Andrew Barr, to resign because he misused research evidence in his decisions to close schools. >> Read on...

Media Release 23 August 2009 - Islamic School Re-location Highlights Policy Contradictions

Posted on Monday August 24, 2009

The Chief Minister’s announcement that his Government will consider re-locating the Islamic School to the CIT site at Weston has highlighted several policy contradictions. < >> Read on...

Media Release - School Comparisons Will Pit Rich Against Poor

Posted on Friday August 7, 2009

A study released by Save Our Schools, a public education advocacy group, shows that school comparisons for local areas to be released by the Federal Government later this year will pit rich schools against poor. SOS National Convenor, Trevor Cobbold, called on the Federal Education Minister to ditch the publication of school comparisons in local areas. >> Read on...

New League Table Exposes Hollow Assurances

Posted on Thursday July 16, 2009

A proposed new league table of Australian schools has exposed government assurances on the issue as hollow, Save Our Schools said today. < >> Read on...

Govt. Duplicity on League Tables Exposed

Posted on Wednesday May 6, 2009

Save Our Schools has accused the Federal Minister for Education, Julia Gillard, of deceiving the Australian public about the introduction of school league tables. < >> Read on...

Media Release 13 April 2009 - New Tests Will Impoverish Education

Posted on Tuesday April 14, 2009

The public education advocacy group Save Our Schools has accused the Rudd Government of turning classrooms into test preparation factories. >> Read on...

Call to Investigate Breach of Education Act on Urambi School Closure

Posted on Friday February 13, 2009

Save Our Schools today accused the Minister for Education, Andrew Barr, of breaching the ACT Education Act in the consultation over Urambi Primary School. >> Read on...

Minister Launches Another Farcical School Closure Consultation

Posted on Thursday February 12, 2009

The consultation over Urambi Primary School is an unmitigated farce. >> Read on...

Media Release - New National Education Goals Are Fatally Contradictory

Posted on Wednesday January 28, 2009

A policy brief issued today by the public education advocacy group, Save Our Schools, claims that the new national education goals promulgated at the end of 2008 are fatally contradictory and fail on equity. >> Read on...

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