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Media Release: End the Corruption of Private School Funding

Posted on Monday November 21, 2016

SOS submission to national education ministers’ council calls for an end to the corruption of private school funding. >> Read on...

Media Release: Education Disadvantage is the Forgotten Issue in the ACT Election Campaign

Posted on Thursday October 6, 2016

Education disadvantage is the forgotten issue in the ACT election campaign despite its importance to the Territory’s social well-being and economic prosperity >> Read on...

Media Release: New Figures Show that Government Funding Has Massively Favoured Private Schools

Posted on Tuesday February 16, 2016

Updated school funding figures published today by Save Our Schools show that government funding per student in private schools has far outstripped that for public schools over the past 15 years and that increases in government funding for many elite private schools has far exceeded that for many disadvantaged public schools. >> Read on...

Media Release: Government Could Easily Fund Gonski Plan

Posted on Thursday January 14, 2016

SOS analysis shows that the Federal Government could easily fund the last two years of the Gonski plan. >> Read on...

Completing Secondary School Increases Employment Prospects

Posted on Thursday September 10, 2015

New OECD brief shows dramatic improvement in Year 12 completion in Australia in the last 30 years, but there is room for further improvement. Completing school increases employment prospects and future earnings. >> Read on...

Media Release: P-TECH Schools Are Unproven and Threaten Public Education

Posted on Tuesday May 26, 2015

Save Our Schools today called for public consultation and scrutiny of the P-TECH schools proposed for Ballarat and Geelong and sponsored by the giant IT multinational IBM. >> Read on...

Media Release: Andrews Govt Is On a ‘Unity Ticket’ With Abbott & Pyne

Posted on Sunday March 8, 2015

The Andrews Government has a “unity ticket” with the Abbot Government to refuse to fund the last two years of the Gonski plan. It will have a devastating effect on schools in Victoria, especially public schools. >> Read on...

Media Release: Public Schools are the Equal of Private Schools

Posted on Monday January 19, 2015

A new analysis of school NAPLAN test results published by Save Our Schools shows that the results in public schools are just as good as those in private schools. >> Read on...

Media Release: Call to Keep Funding Loadings for Disadvantaged Students

Posted on Friday October 17, 2014

A proposal by Independent Schools Victoria to remove additional funding for highly disadvantaged schools is hypocritical, disingenuous and indefensible. It ignores a corpus of research evidence that supports more funding for disadvantaged schools. >> Read on...

Media Release:Uninvited Submission Calls for Gonski Plus Funding Loadings for Disadvantaged Students

Posted on Thursday October 2, 2014

An uninvited submission from Save Our Schools to the Federal Government’s selective consultation on the Gonski funding loadings for disadvantaged students has called for the loadings to be increased. >> Read on...

Media Release: Public is Not Invited to Low SES Funding Loadings Review

Posted on Wednesday September 17, 2014

The Federal Government has confirmed that its review of the low SES funding loadings is not open to the public and is confined to selected invitees. The review is considering whether the loadings should be changed. >> Read on...

Media Release: Funding for Low SES Students is Under Threat by Secret and Biased Consultation

Posted on Tuesday September 9, 2014

The secrecy and biased representation of private schools in the Government’s consultation on low SES funding loadings is a threat to the future funding of low SES students and schools. >> Read on...

Media Release: Call For Senate Inquiry into the National Curriculum

Posted on Tuesday January 14, 2014

SOS has called on ALP and Green Senators to establish a Senate inquiry into the national curriculum. SOS believes this will provide a better chance for a thorough and balanced review than one conducted by partisan critics. >> Read on...

Media Release: PISA Test Results Prove that Increased Funding Should be Allocated to Disadvantaged Students and Schools

Posted on Thursday December 5, 2013

The new PISA international test results highlight the need for a new funding scheme that directs more money to disadvantaged schools and students. >> Read on...

Directorate of Education Figures Refute Minister’s Claims on Private School Registration Panels

Posted on Tuesday July 30, 2013

Official figures show that the registration of private schools in the ACT is now being decided by a “club” of private school interests. Regulations requiring registration panels to be independent are being ignored by the Minister for Education. >> Read on...

Education Minister Should be Sacked for Turning the Approval Process for New Private Schools into a Shambles

Posted on Tuesday May 14, 2013

Save Our Schools has called on the ACT Chief Minister to sack her Education Minister and overhaul the approval process for new private schools in Canberra because the Education Minister has turned the approval process into a shambles. >> Read on...

Media Release: Conspiracy of Silence About the Right to Withdraw Children from NAPLAN Tests

Posted on Monday May 13, 2013

There is a conspiracy of silence amongst education authorities about the right of parents to withdraw their children from the NAPLAN tests which begin Tuesday. >> Read on...

Media Release: Secret Approval of New ACT Private Schools Is Farcical and Cowardly

Posted on Wednesday May 8, 2013

The ACT Minister for Education gave secret approval last December for three new private schools in Canberra. A new private school in north-west Belconnen will draw enrolments from existing schools in Belconnen, add to excess capacity and threaten the future of some schools >> Read on...

ACARA Head is Mistaken on Test-Based Accountability

Posted on Tuesday April 16, 2013

The head of ACARA is incorrect in claiming that Australia is avoiding the US-style consequences of high stakes testing accountability. Australia is introducing payments to governments, schools and teachers based on test results which create incentives to cheat, rig results and narrow the curriculum. >> Read on...

Media Release: Outrageous that Rich Schools Decide Funding for the Disadvantaged

Posted on Tuesday March 26, 2013

SOS says that it is outrageous that the Independent Schools Council of Australia, representing the wealthiest schools in Australia, gets to negotiate the funding loadings for disadvantaged students while representatives of government schools are excluded from negotiations. Government schools enrol the vast majority of disadvantaged students. >> Read on...

Media Release: More Collaboration is Needed to Counter the Damage by School Autonomy

Posted on Tuesday February 5, 2013

Save Our Schools says that school autonomy will undermine the spread of best practice teaching and learning between schools. It calls for more government support for collaboration between schools to counter the incentives created by school autonomy >> Read on...

Media Release: Urgent Action is Needed on Shameful ACT School Results

Posted on Thursday October 11, 2012

A research paper by Save Our Schools shows that ACT school results have fallen since 2001 and that achievement gaps between the top and bottom students are amongst the largest of all developed countries. >> Read on...

Restrict Funding Increases for Wealthy Private Schools

Posted on Friday August 31, 2012

Save Our Schools has called on the Federal Government to restrict future funding increases for wealthier private schools. The commitments announced by the Prime Minister are likely to increase funding for higher SES private schools by nearly $2 billion. This increase will reduce the Gonski funding pool for low SES government and private schools. >> Read on...

Media Release: School Autonomy is Not the Success Claimed

Posted on Wednesday June 13, 2012

A review of research studies on school autonomy in several countries published by Save Our Schools says that there is little evidence to support the claim of the Federal and NSW Governments that it will increase student achievement. >> Read on...

Media Release: New Private Schools Use Loophole to Get More Funding

Posted on Tuesday May 29, 2012

Two Canberra private schools are exploiting a funding loophole in the SES funding model to gain $2.4 million a year in additional funding by establishing new campuses of existing schools rather than new stand alone schools.< >> Read on...

Media Release: ACARA Disqualifies Itself from Assessing the Impact of NAPLAN

Posted on Wednesday May 16, 2012

A national assessment of the impact of NAPLAN should be re-commissioned by the national education ministers’ council. Reported statements by ACARA officials today dismissing claims about excessive test practice and narrowing of the curriculum show that it is incapable of doing a balanced assessment.< >> Read on...

Media Release: NAPLAN is a Cancer Eating Away at Education

Posted on Monday May 14, 2012

NAPLAN is having a pernicious effect on schooling. It is distorting teaching practice, reducing creativity and fun of learning, denying students in-depth learning experiences and sidelining other key subjects such as science, history, languages and the arts for much of first semester.< >> Read on...

Media Release: Education Authorities Are Misleading Parents on Withdrawal from NAPLAN Tests

Posted on Friday May 4, 2012

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority and other education authorities are failing to inform parents that NAPLAN tests are not compulsory and that they can withdraw their children from the tests. Many teachers and principals are also unaware that the tests are not compulsory. >> Read on...

Media Release: Report Says Wealthy Catholic Schools are Over-Funded

Posted on Wednesday April 4, 2012

Virtually all high income Catholic schools are over-funded. An SOS research paper shows that the claims of Catholic education authorities that they re-distribute funds from high income to low income Catholic schools are misleading and untrue in many cases. >> Read on...

Media Release: Outlandish Funding Bonanza for Private Schools

Posted on Wednesday December 7, 2011

A research report published by Save Our Schools finds that two voucher models of school funding proposed to the Gonski Review would deliver billions of dollars in additional funding for private schools and no increases for government schools. The largest increases will go to the wealthiest private schools. < >> Read on...



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