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Growing Grassroots Movement Rolls Back Testing Overkill

Posted on Wednesday November 18, 2015

A new report details the growing grassroots movement in the United States against standardised testing. >> Read on...

A Teacher's Comment on NAPLAN

Posted on Thursday May 21, 2015

A teacher responds to the ABC Life Matters discussion on parents taking their children out of the NAPLAN tests. >> Read on...

Massive Surge in Students Opting-Out of Tests

Posted on Sunday April 19, 2015

There was a massive surge in the number of students being withdrawn from standardised tests in the United States last week. >> Read on...

My School Has Failed to Improve School Results

Posted on Wednesday March 25, 2015

My School has failed dismally in its main objective to improve school results. Reading, writing and numeracy test scores have largely stagnated or fallen since the website was established. >> Read on...

How Good is My School?

Posted on Monday March 23, 2015

Parents should be careful how they interpret test scores published on the My School website. School league tables published in the Canberra Times based on this data are built on shaky ground. >> Read on...

Testing Times

Posted on Wednesday March 18, 2015

A huge opt-out movement has developed in the United States with parents withdrawing their children from standardised tests across the country. >> Read on...

Parents Condemn Canberra Times’ School League Tables

Posted on Saturday March 7, 2015

Canberra parent’s organisation condemns the publication of school league tables in the Canberra Times. >> Read on...

Open Letter on Testing by Diane Ravitch

Posted on Thursday January 22, 2015

An open letter by Diane Ravitch to the US Senate calls for annual standardised testing to be dropped in US schools. >> Read on...

Parents Are Becoming More Disillusioned With NAPLAN

Posted on Friday December 12, 2014

There were record withdrawal rates from the NAPLAN tests across Australia and in most states/territories this year. It suggests that increasing numbers of parents realise that NAPLAN is not compulsory. >> Read on...

Inspiring Letter From a Principal on NAPLAN

Posted on Friday September 19, 2014

A Western Australian principal has written an inspiring letter to his students to put their NAPLAN results into perspective. >> Read on...

What Do Standardized Tests Actually Test?

Posted on Tuesday August 12, 2014

A US educator answers the question of “what do standardized tests teach”. >> Read on...

NAPLAN Withdrawal Rates Increase in WA, but Many Parents are Still in the Dark about their Right to Withdraw

Posted on Sunday May 11, 2014

Education authorities continue the conspiracy of silence about the right of parents to withdraw their children from NAPLAN. However, more and more parents are becoming better informed about their rights. >> Read on...

Teacher Says He Cheats on NAPLAN Tests

Posted on Friday May 2, 2014

A private school English teacher says he cheats on the NAPLAN tests by drilling his students. He says it detracts from time spent analysing literature. >> Read on...

More on the Storm of Protest in the US Against Testing

Posted on Wednesday April 23, 2014

More about the storm of teacher, parent and student protest against testing in the United States. >> Read on...

Wave of Protest Against Testing

Posted on Monday April 21, 2014

A wave of protest by parents, students and teachers against standardised testing has swept across the United States. >> Read on...

What is Happening with NAPLAN in Your School?

Posted on Friday April 18, 2014

The 2014 NAPLAN tests are only four weeks away. Tell us your stories and information about the effects of NAPLAN in your school. >> Read on...

Your Child Does Not Have to Do NAPLAN

Posted on Thursday April 17, 2014

A flyer for parents about the right to withdraw their child from the NAPLAN tests. >> Read on...

Why We Opted Our Child Out of State Testing

Posted on Monday April 7, 2014

An opt-out movement against standardised testing has exploded in the United States in the last few months. Here a New York parent explains her family’s decision to opt out of the New York state tests. >> Read on...

A Cautionary Tale from New York on High Stakes Testing

Posted on Tuesday March 11, 2014

A lecture tour by a US professor of education provides a cautionary tale about high stakes testing and control of education policy in New York State by entrepreneurs and corporations. >> Read on...

Are Finland’s Vaunted Schools Slipping?

Posted on Saturday December 14, 2013

Leading Finnish education expert, Pasi Sahlberg, comments on Finland’s slip down the rankings on international test results from the Programme of International Student Assessment (PISA)._ >> Read on...

A Tale of ACARA and the See-no-evil Monkeys: There is No Excuse for Willful Ignorance

Posted on Friday June 28, 2013

Margaret Clark takes ACARA to task for its submission to the Senate inquiry on NAPLAN. >> Read on...

Principals Say NAPLAN Has a Negative Impact on Schooling

Posted on Wednesday June 19, 2013

A survey of primary school principals shows that a majority believe that the NAPLAN tests are having a negative impact on student well-being, curriculum and teaching practices.< >> Read on...

Queensland Premier Criticises NAPLAN as Misleading and Narrowing the Curriculum

Posted on Tuesday June 11, 2013

The Queensland Premier, Campbell Newman, has criticised NAPLAN as a high stakes test that is misleading and narrowing the curriculum. < >> Read on...

Report Finds Cheating on High Stakes Tests is Rampant in the US

Posted on Thursday May 30, 2013

The US Government Accountability Office has reported evidence of rampant cheating on high stakes tests, with allegations of cheating in 40 states in the last two years. It says that using awards or recognition for improving test scores can provide incentives to cheat. >> Read on...

Videos on High Stakes Testing

Posted on Sunday May 26, 2013

View two great videos of news reports on high stakes testing – one from Australia and one from New York. Both should be compulsory viewing. >> Read on...

Students Got Raffle Tickets to do NAPLAN

Posted on Wednesday May 22, 2013

Some schools offered students special inducements to do the NAPLAN tests last week. One Tasmanian school offered free breakfasts, raffle tickets and lunch and a movie with a teacher to encourage students to do the tests. >> Read on...

More Stories About NAPLAN

Posted on Friday May 17, 2013

Some more stories about NAPLAN this week. >> Read on...

A Day in the Life of NAPLAN

Posted on Friday May 17, 2013

Some stories about NAPLAN this week from a Canberra government school. >> Read on...

Study Shows Schools Rorting Test Results

Posted on Thursday May 16, 2013

A new study of Florida’s high profile school accountability program has found evidence of rorting by schools. It shows that schools were classifying low-performing students into exempt categories that are excluded from the school performance grading so as to artificially raise their test scores. < >> Read on...

Canberra Private School Sets a Great Example on NAPLAN

Posted on Sunday May 12, 2013

A Canberra private school has set a great example for other schools in dealing with NAPLAN and informing parents that they can withdraw their child from the tests. >> Read on...



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