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Ending Federal Funding of Public Education is Still on the Agenda

Posted on Wednesday April 20, 2016

Ending Federal funding of public schools is still on the agenda despite the claims of the Prime Minister and the Federal Education Minister that they are committed to public schools. COAG has agreed to consider the states taking full responsibility for public school funding in return for a share of personal income taxation. >> Read on...

Study Shows that Funding Increases for Disadvantaged Schools Boosts Results

Posted on Tuesday April 5, 2016

A new study shows that school finance reforms in the US led to larger increases in funding for low income school districts than for high income districts and that this increased the absolute and relative achievement of students in low income districts. >> Read on...

Can We Afford Gonski?

Posted on Thursday March 31, 2016

The full Gonski funding plan is easily affordable by reducing tax concessions for the wealthy and clamping down on corporate tax avoidance. We cannot afford not to invest in Gonski because it will bring significant social and economic benefits. >> Read on...

Victorian Catholic Education Commission Favours High SES Schools in Funding Allocations

Posted on Tuesday March 22, 2016

A report by the Auditor-General of Victoria shows that report shows that the Catholic Education Commission is directing state government funding away from the lower socio-economic status schools to schools with a higher socio-economic status. There is also evidence that Catholic education authorities are favouring high SES schools in re-allocating Commonwealth funding. >> Read on...

Australia’s Unfair School Funding System Must Be Overhauled

Posted on Monday February 15, 2016

Updated school funding figures show that government funding per student in private schools has increased much faster than for public schools. Funding increases for many elite private schools have far exceeded those for many disadvantaged public schools. >> Read on...

Another Study Shows That Money Matters in Education

Posted on Thursday February 4, 2016

A new review of research studies shows that money matters in education. There is a positive relationship between increased school funding and student achievement. >> Read on...

Labor’s Gonski Promise Puts the Heat on Turnbull

Posted on Monday February 1, 2016

Labor’s commitment of $4.5 billion in school funding for 2018 and 2019 is a stark contrast to the Turnbull Government’s plan to ditch Gonski funding after 2017 and cut school funding in real terms. But, Labor must explain why it has reduced the $7 billion it promised in government. >> Read on...

Govt Has a Massive Potential Revenue Pool to Fund Gonski

Posted on Thursday January 14, 2016

The Government could easily fund the $7 billion for the last two years of Gonksi. It has a potential revenue pool of at least $34 billion a year. >> Read on...

Well-off Private Schools Are Over-Funded by $3 Billion a Year

Posted on Wednesday January 6, 2016

Some 1,400 private schools are over-funded by taxpayers to the tune of $3 million a year. This money would be far better spent on supporting disadvantaged public and private schools. >> Read on...

Wealthy Private School Parents Evading Taxes

Posted on Monday January 4, 2016

The wealthy claim that they are entitled to taxpayer funding to send their children to elite private schools because they pay taxes. However, it appears that many of them are evading taxes. >> Read on...

Turnbull Govt Fails on Improving Maths and Science

Posted on Friday December 11, 2015

The Turnbull Government’s innovation statement virtually ignores school education. It proposes an increase in funding for maths and science in schools of only $54 per student over five years. This will do little to reverse Australia’s declining maths and science results. >> Read on...

More Evidence That Better School Results Increases Economic Growth

Posted on Friday December 11, 2015

Another study shows that investing in school education brings a big economic return. >> Read on...

Top Public Service Mandarin Badly Bungled School Funding Figures

Posted on Thursday November 26, 2015

The head of PM&C, Michael Thawley, badly bungled the figures on school funding earlier this month. The actual increase in real funding for schools is eight times less than he claimed. >> Read on...

David Gonski Turns Up the Pressure on Turnbull and Shorten

Posted on Tuesday November 10, 2015

David Gonski has turned up the pressure on the Federal Government and the Opposition to fully implement his funding model and reduce disadvantage in education. >> Read on...

Turnbull Creates New Optimism for Gonski

Posted on Monday November 9, 2015

Malcolm Turnbull has created new hope for the full implementation of the Gonski funding plan to reduce disadvantage in education. >> Read on...

Why is Gonski Funding Worth Fighting For?

Posted on Saturday November 7, 2015

Australia cannot afford to cut Gonski funding. Abandoning under-resourced schools and allowing disadvantaged children to continue without assistance will mean negative economic and social results for our future society. >> Read on...

Victorian Private Schools Get Funding Windfall from Andrews Government

Posted on Tuesday September 29, 2015

Victorian private schools will receive a hidden windfall dividend of nearly $200 million following the recent announcement of the Labor Government to increase funding for public schools by $747 million. >> Read on...

New Opportunity for Bi-Partisan Support for Gonski Funding

Posted on Tuesday September 15, 2015

The election of Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister creates a new opportunity for bi-partisan support for the Gonski funding plan. It should not be missed. >> Read on...

Failure of Disadvantaged Students is not Inevitable

Posted on Tuesday September 8, 2015

Needs-based funding can boost the achievement of disadvantaged students. >> Read on...

New Figures Show that Government Funding for Public Schools is Down, but Up for Private Schools

Posted on Wednesday July 8, 2015

SOS research paper shows that governments have discriminated against disadvantaged students in public schools. Total government funding for public schools has fallen in real terms while funding for Catholic and Independent schools has increased. >> Read on...

Catholic Education Commission Puts up a Smokescreen on School Funding

Posted on Monday July 6, 2015

The National Catholic Education Commission has set a smokescreen of misleading data to divert attention from the impact of discriminatory government funding policies that favour private schools over public schools. >> Read on...

Media Release: Funding for Public Schools Down, Funding for Private Schools Up

Posted on Sunday July 5, 2015

New figures show that, adjusted for inflation, government funding for private schools has increased since 2009, while funding for public schools has been cut. >> Read on...

Federal Education Dept Befuddled by Pyne’s Funding Increase Claims

Posted on Tuesday June 16, 2015

Federal Department of Education and Training officials are befuddled by Christopher Pyne’s often repeated claim that school funding has increased by 40% in the last 10 years. It has only increased by 5.6% or 0.6% a year. >> Read on...

Federal Budget Perspective: A Reduced Future

Posted on Sunday June 14, 2015

Federal Budget ignored the needs of disadvantaged students. >> Read on...

NSW Upper House Slams Federal Coalition’s Refusal to Fully Fund Gonksi

Posted on Thursday May 28, 2015

The NSW Legislative Council has unanimously condemned the Abbott Government’s refusal to fund the full six years of the Gonski funding plan. >> Read on...

OECD Report Shows That Refusing to Fund Gonski is Short-Sighted

Posted on Tuesday May 19, 2015

The findings of a new OECD report show that the refusal of the Federal Government and several state governments to fully fund Gonksi will mean lower economic growth over the next 80 years. >> Read on...

More Years of Education Improves Health

Posted on Tuesday April 28, 2015

A new Australian study has shown that extending the years of education improves health outcomes. However, the prospects for increasing Year 12 completion rates have been set back by the refusal of the Abbott Government and several state governments to fully implement the Gonski funding plan. >> Read on...

Teachers Condemn Vic Labor Govt on School Funding

Posted on Monday March 16, 2015

The Victorian AEU has criticised the new Govt legislation which links private school funding to public school funding and called on the Vic Govt to fund the full six years of the Gonski funding plan. >> Read on...

Capital Expenditure in NSW Government Schools is an Election Issue

Posted on Friday March 6, 2015

The NSW Labor and Liberal/National parties should promise greater capital expenditure for government schools to the bring the quality of their physical infrastructure up to that of private schools. >> Read on...

Victorian Education Minister Fails in His Response to Criticism of Funding Guarantee for Private Schools

Posted on Thursday March 5, 2015

The claim of the Victorian Education Minister that Victorian Government funding of private schools is based on need is highly misleading, even disingenuous. >> Read on...



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