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School Autonomy in England Fails to ‘Unleash Greatness’

Posted on Monday November 14, 2016

A comprehensive review of the experience with school autonomy in England has found little evidence of improvement amongst disadvantaged schools and that it weakens local communities. >> Read on...

No Success for Independent Public Schools

Posted on Thursday August 18, 2016

Independent public schools have failed to improve student outcomes according to a report by a bi-partisan committee of the WA Parliament. It is a major blow to the Federal Government policy of increasing school autonomy. >> Read on...

School Myths Busted

Posted on Tuesday March 29, 2016

New research shows an increasing socio-educational hierarchy of schools as enrolments shift from from lower socio-educational advantage schools to higher socio-educational advantage schools. >> Read on...

Money can’t buy you love but can it buy you a better education?

Posted on Monday March 28, 2016

New academic analysis shows that public and private schools in Victoria with a similar socio-economic status student profile have very similar VCE results. However, public schools achieve these results with far less funding than the private schools. >> Read on...

Louisiana School Voucher Scheme Reduces Student Achievement

Posted on Monday January 18, 2016

The much-heralded Louisiana school voucher program is another free market failure. >> Read on...

School Choice is No Guarantee to Improve Results

Posted on Tuesday November 3, 2015

A new research brief finds that school choice is no guarantee of better student results. >> Read on...

School Autonomy Is Not The Same as Teacher Autonomy

Posted on Wednesday October 14, 2015

Pasi Sahlberg says that school autonomy should not be confused with teacher autonomy and that it is teacher autonomy that is more important for student learning. >> Read on...

The Battle Over New Orleans Charter Schools

Posted on Monday October 12, 2015

Turning New Orleans into a virtually all-charter school city after Hurricane Katrina has reinforced social segregation and failed to develop a high quality school system serving all students. School results in Louisiana remain amongst the lowest in the US. >> Read on...

For-profit Schools Have a Bad Record

Posted on Monday July 20, 2015

Allowing for-profit schools in Australia would be a huge mistake. They have a very bad record overseas. >> Read on...

More Bad News for Independent Public Schools

Posted on Monday July 13, 2015

A new report finds that academy schools (which are an English version of independent public schools) perform no better than traditional public schools. >> Read on...

Massive Fraud and Waste in US Charter Schools

Posted on Saturday May 2, 2015

A new report has detailed fraud and waste in charter schools in the United States totalling over $200 million but says it is the tip of the iceberg. >> Read on...

Academic Study Shows that Private Primary Schools Perform no Better than Public Schools

Posted on Tuesday April 14, 2015

A Queensland University study has shown that there is no difference in test results between public, Catholic and Independent primary schools after taking account of student background factors. >> Read on...

Qld Private Schools Rorting Govt Grants

Posted on Friday April 10, 2015

A report by the Queensland Auditor-General has found that some private schools have been rigging their enrolments to claim more funding from the Queensland Government than they are entitled to. >> Read on...

School Autonomy Allows Schools to Fall Through the Gap

Posted on Friday February 6, 2015

A second report by the UK House of Commons says that school autonomy in England is letting schools fall through the gap. >> Read on...

No Evidence that Independent Public Schools in England Raise Standards

Posted on Thursday February 5, 2015

A UK House of Commons report on academy schools, England’s version of independent public schools, says there is no evidence that they improve school results. >> Read on...

What Do Parents Get for a Costly Private School Education?

Posted on Tuesday January 27, 2015

Parents paying up to $500,000 to put their children through private schools do not get better educational outcomes. >> Read on...

Charter Schools’ Promise Unfulfilled

Posted on Thursday January 15, 2015

A new charter school study shows that independent public schools do not deliver on their promise of higher student achievement. >> Read on...

“Markets Don’t Work in Education” Shockwave

Posted on Monday December 15, 2014

Markets in education don’t work according to a leading US research economist responsible for many studies on charter schools. >> Read on...

Education Policy is Based on Myths According to Leading Academic

Posted on Tuesday November 4, 2014

A leading education academic says that education policy in Australia is based on myths. >> Read on...

UN Report Condemns Privatisation of Education

Posted on Friday October 31, 2014

A report to the UN General Assembly warns that the rapid expansion of private education is increasingly replacing public education and exacerbating inequalities in societies. >> Read on...

Education Chief Says Market-Based Policies are Ineffective

Posted on Thursday October 30, 2014

The head of Australia’s leading education research body, the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), has questioned the effectiveness of teacher and school incentives as a school improvement strategy. >> Read on...

Claimed Advantage for Disadvantaged Students in Charter Schools is Much Ado About Nothing

Posted on Thursday October 9, 2014

The evidence for Jennifer Buckingham’s claim that the expansion of Independent Public Schools will benefit students who have the most to gain does not stack up. >> Read on...

Victorian Report on School Autonomy is Intellectually Bankrupt

Posted on Wednesday September 24, 2014

The Victorian Competition and Efficiency report on school autonomy says that research studies show that the effect of school autonomy on school results is inconclusive. However, the Commission rejects is own finding and recommends increasing school autonomy. >> Read on...

OECD Says That Competition in Education Has Failed

Posted on Wednesday September 3, 2014

The OECD says that more competition between schools has failed to improve student results and has increased social segregation between students. >> Read on...

Independent Public Schools in England are More Socially Selective

Posted on Thursday August 14, 2014

Free schools in England add to social segregation between schools because they take fewer poor children than other local schools. >> Read on...

Public Schools Do As Well as Catholic and Independent Schools

Posted on Saturday August 9, 2014

New research has found that Catholic and Independent schools achieve no better results than public schools after taking account of student background characteristics. >> Read on...

The Evidence Does Not “Stack-up” for Independent Public Schools

Posted on Monday August 4, 2014

Professor Alan Reid has demolished the case for independent public schools. He says that the concept of independent public schools is an oxymoron and the evidence that they improve student outcomes does not stack-up. >> Read on...

Chile’s Failed Free Market Education System Faces Overhaul

Posted on Thursday July 24, 2014

Chile’s notoriously inequitable free market education system established under the Pinochet dictatorship is being overhauled to provide a comprehensive free education system. >> Read on...

School Autonomy in Austria Has Developed a Status Hierarchy of Schools

Posted on Monday July 21, 2014

A study of school autonomy in Austria found that it has resulted in more competition between schools, created greater opportunities for student selection by favoured schools and led to more social differentiation between schools. >> Read on...

Wealthy Philanthropic Foundations are Undermining Public Education in the US

Posted on Thursday June 19, 2014

A new study shows that wealthy philanthropic education foundations in the US have a major influence over national and state education policy and are using that influence to undermine public education. >> Read on...



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