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Pyne’s School Autonomy Myth

Posted on Friday April 11, 2014

A review of the research evidence on school autonomy contradicts the claims by Christopher Pyne that more school autonomy over decisions on budgeting and staffing lifts student achievement. It shows that school autonomy in these areas has little to no effect on student results. >> Read on...

Questioning The Role of Philanthropy in Education

Posted on Friday April 4, 2014

Philanthropic foundations have enormous influence over education policy in the United States. They have invested billions of dollars in market-based policies such as charter schools, performance pay and vouchers. >> Read on...

OECD Contradicts Pyne’s Claim on School Autonomy Success

Posted on Friday March 28, 2014

Christopher Pyne’s claim about the success of school autonomy in increasing student achievement has been contradicted again by another OECD report. >> Read on...

Another Study Shows that School Autonomy Does Not Increase Student Achievement

Posted on Sunday March 16, 2014

An evaluation of a school autonomy program in Chicago shows that increased autonomy for school principals over budgets and other school operations had no impact on reading and mathematics achievement. >> Read on...

Public Schools in the Top Performing Countries Have Little Autonomy in Budgeting and Staffing

Posted on Monday March 3, 2014

An OECD report on PISA 2012 shows that public schools in the top performing countries generally have little autonomy in budgeting and staffing but considerable autonomy over curriculum and assessment. >> Read on...

More Untruths by Pyne on Independent Public Schools

Posted on Friday February 7, 2014

The Federal Education Minister, Christopher Pyne, is either incapable of getting his facts straight or he is deliberately misleading the public about his plan for independent public schools. >> Read on...

More Deceit by Pyne on Independent Public Schools

Posted on Thursday February 6, 2014

Christopher Pyne’s deceit about the evidence on the effect of independent public schools on student achievement has been further exposed. >> Read on...

Pyne Misleads the Public on School Autonomy Yet Again

Posted on Monday February 3, 2014

Christopher Pyne has misled the public yet again about the facts on the effects of school autonomy. The evidence he cites is highly selective and misleading and completely ignores the latest evidence from the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). >> Read on...

PISA Results Show that Competition is not the Answer to Improving School Performance

Posted on Monday January 6, 2014

PISA results provide strong evidence that competition between schools and the presence of private schools does not lead to higher student achievement. >> Read on...

Pyne Misled Parliament on School Autonomy Evidence

Posted on Tuesday December 10, 2013

The Federal Education Minister misled the Parliament last week in claiming that school autonomy in staffing and budgeting increases student outcomes. He demonstrated a cavalier disregard of the evidence on school autonomy. >> Read on...

Bureaucrats in Nowhere Land on School Autonomy

Posted on Wednesday November 27, 2013

In Senate Estimates last week Greens Senator, Penny Wright, exposed the ignorance of Federal Education Department officials about research evidence showing that school autonomy over budgets and staffing has little to no effect on education outcomes. >> Read on...

Pyne Misleads on School Autonomy Results

Posted on Wednesday November 20, 2013

Christopher Pyne has used highly selective and misleading evidence to support his claim that greater school autonomy for independent public schools will improve school outcomes. The overwhelming evidence indicates he is mistaken in his claim. >> Read on...

Private Schools Are No Better Than Public Schools

Posted on Monday November 18, 2013

Christopher Pyne’s agenda to make government schools more like private schools is under challenge before it has got off the ground. A new education research brief from Save Our Schools shows that private schools do not achieve better results than public schools. >> Read on...

New US Studies Show that Public Schools do Better than Private Schools

Posted on Monday November 18, 2013

Two new US studies also show that results in private schools are no better than in public schools, and may be worse. They add to the evidence from new Australian studies that making public schools more like private schools is not the answer to improving school education. >> Read on...

Reports Concede the Lack of Evidence for School Autonomy

Posted on Tuesday August 13, 2013

The lack of evidence that school autonomy leads to increased student outcomes is increasingly conceded by reports and some commentators in Australia. >> Read on...

School Autonomy Has Created a Privileged Set of Schools in WA

Posted on Tuesday August 6, 2013

Christopher Pyne wants to extend the “independent public schools” model in WA to other states. Principals in low SES schools in WA say that it creates a priviliged set of schools while low SES schools struggle to attract and retain high quality teachers. >> Read on...

Charter Schools Do No Better Than Other Public Schools

Posted on Monday July 15, 2013

A new study of charter schools in the US – independent public schools – has found that they do no better than traditional public schools. The greater school autonomy granted to charter schools had little effect on student achievement over time. >> Read on...

The Blueberry Story: The Teacher Gives the Businessman a Lesson

Posted on Wednesday July 10, 2013

A story about how schools are not businesses and should not be run as businesses as advocates of markets in education would have it. >> Read on...

Independent Public Schools Fail to Increase Student Achievement, but Increase Social Segregation

Posted on Monday July 8, 2013

A review of independent public schools in Western Australia has found that they have not increased student achievement but could be developing a two-tiered education system in the state. >> Read on...

Report Reveals that School Autonomy is not Working in WA

Posted on Friday June 21, 2013

An independent report shows that principals in Western Australia have not been given the resources to match their increased responsibilities under school autonomy while central and district office support services have been withdrawn. It says the lack of system support threatens the achievement of improved student outcomes. >> Read on...

Growing Resistance to Market-Based Education in the US

Posted on Tuesday May 28, 2013

There is a growing rebellion by teachers and parents in the United States against market-based education policies that are resulting in resource deprivation in public schools, inequity, public disempowerment and the widespread perception that governing policies are driven by corruption.< >> Read on...

New Study Shows that School Autonomy Increases the Gap Between Top and Bottom Students

Posted on Friday May 24, 2013

A new study has found that school autonomy widens the gap between the top and bottom achieving students. It adds to the weight of evidence that increasing school autonomy does not work. < >> Read on...

Senate Education Committee Rebuffs Govt & Coalition on School Autonomy

Posted on Friday May 17, 2013

The Senate education committee has delivered a major rebuff to the Federal Government and the Coalition on school autonomy. It says that there is no clear evidence that greater school autonomy leads to better student performance. >> Read on...

Market-Based Education Policies in the US Have Failed to Increase Student Results

Posted on Friday April 26, 2013

A review of market-based education “reforms” in the United States has found that they have not delivered the success promised. >> Read on...

The Market in Education has Failed in Sweden

Posted on Tuesday April 2, 2013

The introduction of a market in education in Sweden has failed. Since the introduction of government funding for private schools Swedish school results in reading, science, and mathematics have fallen and social stratification and segregation in schools has increased. Private schools have no better results than public schools. < >> Read on...

Symposium on Applying Market Principles to Education

Posted on Thursday March 28, 2013

An international symposium conducted this month by the Swedish Academy of Sciences examined the consequences of school choice for the efficiency and equity of schooling and the consequences of applying market principles for systems of governance, accountability and the teaching professions. >> Read on...

Garrett Admits There is Little Evidence to Support School Autonomy

Posted on Friday March 1, 2013

The Federal Minister for Education, Peter Garrett, yesterday completely undermined his own school autonomy program with a stunning admission that there is little evidence that charter schools – the archetype of school autonomy – lead to better school results. >> Read on...

OECD Education Director Says ‘Autonomy Can Work Against You’

Posted on Thursday February 14, 2013

The deputy director for education at the OECD, Andreas Schleicher, has warned that independent public schools risk reducing collaboration between schools and creating a wider gap between the best and worst performing schools. >> Read on...

SOS Submission on the Govt’s Education Bill

Posted on Tuesday February 12, 2013

The SOS submission on the Australian Education Bill recommends adoption of a clear definition of equity in education and that collaboration between schools be included as part of the national plan for improving the performance of schools and students.< >> Read on...

School Autonomy Fails to Increase Student Achievement and Undermines Collaboration between Schools

Posted on Monday February 4, 2013

A submission by Save Our Schools to the Senate Education Committee inquiry on Teaching and Learning shows that school autonomy has little to no effect on student results and leads to greater inequality and social segregation between schools. It calls for governments to support greater collaboration between schools. >> Read on...



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