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Education Disadvantage is Being Ignored in the ACT Election Campaign

Posted on Tuesday October 11, 2016

Education disadvantage is the forgotten issue in the ACT election campaign despite its importance to the Territory’s social well-being and economic prosperity.< >> Read on...

School Funding and Equity in the ACT

Posted on Monday September 26, 2016

An Education Research Brief published by SOS calls for a new funding framework for ACT public schools to provide greater funding for disadvantaged students. >> Read on...

The ACT Education System Can Do Better

Posted on Saturday September 24, 2016

A speech by Trevor Cobbold to a seminar sponsored by the Institute of Governance in Canberra on the topic ‘What or How Much Value Does the ACT Education System Add to Your Child’s Learning’. >> Read on...

NAPLAN Results Show That the ACT Government Has Dropped the Ball on Education

Posted on Thursday August 4, 2016

The new NAPLAN results show that the ACT school system continues to under-perform given its advantaged population. The results are a condemnation of Government inaction on school education. They warrant a full, public independent inquiry. >> Read on...

The ACT’s Underperfoming School System Warrants Independent Review

Posted on Tuesday December 8, 2015

The latest NAPLAN results show that the ACT school system (public and private) is underperforming on average student results, student progress and equity. >> Read on...

The ACT school system: An increasingly stratified, inequitable and dysfunctional schooling system

Posted on Thursday November 19, 2015

The ACT school system has become increasingly stratified and inequitable according to renowned education researcher Barbara Preston. >> Read on...

Is the ACT School System Underperforming?

Posted on Tuesday November 17, 2015

Despite its high average results, the ACT has a low equity school system with large gaps between high and low performing students and between high and low SES students. After nearly 15 years in government, Labor has failed to make a dent in inequity in education. >> Read on...

ACT Chamber of Commerce Needs Education

Posted on Saturday February 1, 2014

In calling for expenditure on ACT government schools to be cut to the level of NSW and Victoria, the Chamber of Commerce has failed to understand the reasons for higher expenditure in the ACT. >> Read on...

Islamic School Refused Registration

Posted on Friday January 24, 2014

The ACT Minister for Education has refused to register a proposed new Islamic School after a damning review shows that it would not be financially viable and failed to meet the educational and student safety requirements of the ACT Education Act. >> Read on...

The Folly of ACT School Closures Revealed

Posted on Tuesday January 14, 2014

Education Minister Joy Burch has exposed the folly of the 2006 school closures as an expensive and short-sighted mistake. The ACT Government has spent millions in expanding capacity in areas where schools were closed. >> Read on...

Private School Registration in the ACT to be Strengthened

Posted on Monday December 2, 2013

The registration process for private schools in the ACT is to be strengthened following the endorsement of the recommendations of a review by the ACT Minister for Education. >> Read on...

Schools Advisory Council Calls for More Transparency in the Registration of Private Schools

Posted on Thursday November 21, 2013

The ACT Government Schools Education Council has called for changes to the registration process for private schools. It says that the transparency and objectivity of the process should be improved. >> Read on...

Independent Panel to Review Private School Registration Process Welcomed

Posted on Tuesday August 27, 2013

Save Our Schools has welcomed the appointment of an independent panel to advise the ACT Minister for Education on the review of the in-principle approval and registration process for private schools in the ACT. >> Read on...

SOS Calls for Sweeping Changes on the Approval and Registration of Private Schools

Posted on Friday August 23, 2013

Save Our Schools has called for sweeping changes to the legislation and administrative regulations governing the approval and registration of new ACT private schools. It has made 23 recommendations for change in a submission to the Government review. >> Read on...

Minister Ignored Dept Advice on New Private Schools

Posted on Thursday August 8, 2013

Information obtained through a FOI request by Save Our Schools shows that the ACT Minister for Education ignored advice by her department in granting in-principle approval for two new private schools. >> Read on...

Financial Questions About New Islamic School

Posted on Monday August 5, 2013

There are several financial issues about the new Islamic school in Canberra that need answers. >> Read on...

Registration of New Islamic School Should be Postponed

Posted on Friday August 2, 2013

The ACT Education Minister should postpone consideration of the application of At-Taqwa Islamic school for provisional registration until the school obtains a permanent site.< >> Read on...

Registration Panel for New Charnwood Private School is Biased

Posted on Tuesday July 23, 2013

The ACT Education Minister has established a biased panel with a majority of members from private schools to assess the registration application for the new campus of Brindabella Christian College (BCC) in Charnwood. The ACT private school registration process is now a self-regulatory system even though private schools are extensively funded by the taxpayer. >> Read on...

Secrecy Surrounds Review of the Registration of New ACT Private Schools

Posted on Tuesday July 9, 2013

Secrecy surrounds the review of the approval and registration process for new private schools in the ACT. There has been no public announcement of the review or how it will be conducted. It looks like it will be a charade. >> Read on...

Call for Independent Review of the Private School Registration Process

Posted on Saturday June 1, 2013

The ACT Branch of the Australian Education Union, the ACT Council of P&C Associations and Save Our Schools have written to the ACT Education Minister and the Chief Minister calling for an independent review of the registration process for private schools in the ACT. The letter outlines six major problems with the current process that warrant a review. < >> Read on...

Approval of New Belconnen Private School Conflicts With Previous Assessment

Posted on Friday May 10, 2013

The new private school in Belconnen has been approved even though a similar application by another private school was rejected only five years ago because of excess capacity in the area. < >> Read on...

Declining Standards and Inequity in ACT Education

Posted on Thursday October 11, 2012

The ACT has high average school outcomes but they have declined over the past decade. It also has amongst the largest achievement gaps between the top and bottom students of all countries participating in international tests and the largest achievement gap between rich and poor in Australia. >> Read on...

ACT Liberals Ignore Disadvantage to Defend Privilege

Posted on Monday September 3, 2012

The ACT Liberal Party has promised to increase private school funding by nearly $20 million if elected. Most of this will go to high income schools. The Liberals have ignored the real injustice in ACT schools – the massive achievement gap between rich and poor. >> Read on...

Huge Funding Bid by ACT Private Schools Should be Rejected

Posted on Thursday June 28, 2012

Private schools in Canberra are pressuring for a massive across-the-board 43% increase in funding by the ACT Government. The claim should be rejected as it will compound privileged funding for high SES private schools and reduce the funding available to address the large achievement gap between rich and poor students. >> Read on...

Media Release: New Private School Applications Should be Rejected

Posted on Thursday May 24, 2012

Save Our Schools has called on the ACT Government to reject applications for new private schools in Charnwood and Molonglo. The Charnwood school would threaten the viability of existing schools in north-west Belconnen. The potential impact of the Molonglo school cannot be assessed because school planning for the region is not complete. >> Read on...

An Analysis of Trends in Enrolment Shares in ACT Schools

Posted on Wednesday August 3, 2011

Researcher Barbara Preston analyses enrolment shares by school sector in the ACT. >> Read on...

The ACT Schools System is Under-performing

Posted on Thursday July 7, 2011

The ACT schools system is underperforming. It has high quality outcomes, but they have declined since 2000 and there are large achievement gaps between rich and poor. A comprehensive and well-funded education plan is needed to improve equity in education. >> Read on...

A High School Plan for the Well-Off

Posted on Thursday May 26, 2011

The new plan for Canberra’s government secondary schools will provide a second class education for the less well-off. The well-off get more challenging options and pathways. The disadvantaged get more vocational education and at younger ages as well as another round of rhetoric about engaging students and parents. >> Read on...

Shameful ACT School Results are an Indictment of the Stanhope Government

Posted on Monday December 13, 2010

The new report of the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) shows that education standards are declining and inequity is increasing in the ACT. They are an indictment of the education record of the Stanhope Government after nearly a decade in office. < >> Read on...

Flynn Welcomes Opportunity to Plan Community Hub

Posted on Wednesday May 19, 2010

After a long dispute with the ACT Government over the future of the site of the closed Flynn school, the Flynn community has welcomed plans for a childcare centre and sustainable community hub on the site. >> Read on...



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